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Guest Receiving A Thai Yoga Massage At Kiyora Spa, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Last updated: 31 December 2023

Where can I experience Thai Yoga Massage in Chiang Mai? Situated in the heart of northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is a sanctuary for holistic healing.  Join us on a journey to discover the best spots for experiencing the art of Thai Yoga Massage.

For an authentic Thai Yoga Massage in Chiang Mai, Kiyora Spa is the perfect choice. Our spa not only offers skilled therapists trained in this traditional practice but also provides a serene and culturally rich environment.   

In the heart of Chiang Mai’s wellness scene, Kiyora Spa stands out as a sanctuary for Thai Yoga Massage enthusiasts. Also, you’ll discover a deep appreciation for this centuries-old practice.  Not just as a form of relaxation but as a holistic journey for your body and mind. Our skilled therapists are not only trained in the techniques but are also knowledgable in the culture and history behind Thai Yoga Massage.

Kiyora Spa: Your Destination for Authentic Thai Yoga Massage in Chiang Mai

Kiyora Spa stands out as the premier destination for Thai Yoga Massage. Situated in the tranquil beauty of this vibrant city, our spa offers a unique Thai Yoga Massage experience that’s both therapeutic and deeply rejuvenating. But what sets us apart?

Distinct Differences to Traditional Thai Massage

We have intentionally made distinctions between Thai Yoga Massage and Traditional Thai Massage to provide our guests with clear differences between the two massage types.  We’ll dive deeper into the differences later in the article.

A Legacy of Tradition

a guest enjoying a traditional foot cleansing bath at a spa in chiang mai
Immerse in Thai Traditions: A Soothing Foot Wash Before Your Blissful Massage.

At Kiyora Spa, we hold the essence of Thai culture close to our hearts. Our expert therapists are not just skilled professionals; they are keepers of centuries-old traditions passed down through generations.

This legacy ensures that every Thai Yoga Massage you receive here is an authentic journey into the heart of Thailand’s wellness heritage.

Tailored to Your Needs

We understand that every individual is unique, and so are their wellness needs. That’s why our Thai Yoga Massage sessions are highly personalized.

Whether you seek relief from muscle tension, stress reduction, or simply a tranquil escape, our therapists will customize the massage to cater to your specific requirements.

A Tranquil Oasis

Kiyora Spa provides a serene and welcoming atmosphere, where you can leave the chaos of daily life behind. Our spa environment, infused with soothing scents and calming melodies, complements the therapeutic benefits of Thai Yoga Massage, ensuring you find inner peace and relaxation.

Holistic Healing

Thai Yoga Massage is not just a physical experience; it’s a holistic journey that harmonizes mind, body, and spirit. Our therapists focus not only on relieving physical tension but also on promoting mental clarity and emotional well-being.

It’s an immersive experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Trust and Excellence

Kiyora Spa’s commitment to excellence, coined in-house as ‘Service Excellence’, and a client-first approach has earned us the trust of locals and travelers alike.

Our dedication to providing the highest quality Thai Yoga Massage has made us a cherished part of Chiang Mai’s wellness landscape.

So, if you’re seeking an authentic Thai Yoga Massage in Chiang Mai that combines tradition, personalization, and tranquility, look no further than Kiyora Spa.  Join us on a journey to rejuvenate your body, calm your mind, and invigorate your spirit – an experience you’ll treasure long after leaving our doors. Your path to wellness begins here.

What is Thai Yoga Massage?

Thai Yoga Massage, often referred to as “assisted yoga” or “lazy man’s yoga,” is a traditional healing practice that combines elements of yoga, acupressure, and meditation. Originating in ancient Thailand over 2,500 years ago, this therapeutic art focuses on balancing the body’s energy, improving flexibility, and promoting overall well-being.

During a Thai Yoga Massage session, the recipient lies comfortably clothed on a padded mat on the floor, while the therapist uses a series of rhythmic compressions, stretches, and yoga-like poses to release tension and enhance the body’s natural healing abilities.

At Kiyora Spa, our skilled therapists have undergone extensive training in the art of Thai Yoga Massage, ensuring an authentic and rejuvenating experience. We believe that this ancient practice offers a unique way to relax, revitalize, and reconnect with your body and mind.

different thai yoga massage assisted poses
Exploring Tranquility: Thai Yoga Massage Poses Guided by Skilled Therapists, With the Recipient Mostly Passive.

What are the Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage?

Thai Yoga Massage offers a myriad of benefits for both the body and mind. First and foremost, it helps to release muscle tension and improve flexibility, making it an excellent choice for individuals seeking relief from chronic pain, stiffness, or muscular imbalances.

The gentle stretching and compression techniques used in Thai Yoga Massage also stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, aiding in detoxification and promoting a healthy immune system.

Beyond the physical advantages, Thai Yoga Massage has profound mental and emotional benefits. The deep relaxation achieved during a session can alleviate stress and anxiety, enhance mental clarity, and induce a profound sense of tranquility.

Additionally, this practice can improve sleep quality, boost energy levels, and promote emotional balance.

What is the Difference Between Thai Yoga Massage and Traditional Thai Massage at Kiyora Spa?

Thai Yoga MassageTraditional Thai Massage
AccupressureLess Accupressure

Thai Yoga Massage prioritizes gentle yet precise acupressure techniques that target the body's energy pathways, known as sen lines.

Therapists employ their hands, elbows, knees, and feet with expertise to alleviate blockages, reduce tension, and promote relaxation, facilitating a holistic sense of well-being in recipients.
More Accupressure

Active acupressure techniques involve applying deliberate pressure along the body's energy lines, or sen lines, using the therapist's hands, fingers, elbows, and even knees.

This targeted approach stimulates energy flow, reduces muscle tension, and enhances overall well-being, providing a dynamic and therapeutic experience in Traditional Thai Massage.
Stretching (Assisted Yoga Poses)More Stretching

Thai Yoga Massage places a strong emphasis on passive yoga-like poses and stretches, which are expertly guided by the therapist.

The recipient remains passive, allowing the therapist to gently manipulate their body into various poses, promoting deep stretching and relaxation.

This aspect of Thai Yoga Massage fosters an incredibly soothing and rejuvenating experience.
Less Stretching

Traditional Thai Massage integrates selected yoga-like stretches and poses into the session, and the therapist actively assists in these stretches.

While it emphasizes acupressure and joint mobilization, the stretches are an integral part of the treatment.

This combination helps improve flexibility, relieve muscle tension, and enhance overall well-being.

Why Did We Differentiate Between Thai Yoga Massage and Traditional Thai Massage?

guest being assisted by therapists with a stretching pose

While many spas offer Thai Yoga Massage and Traditional Thai Massage as essentially the same service, at Kiyora Spa, we have intentionally distinguished these modalities to offer our guests unique experiences.

Our Thai Yoga Massage and Traditional Thai Massage share similarities in stretching and acupressure techniques, but they differ significantly in emphasis.  Thai Yoga Massage focuses more on passive yoga-like poses and stretches, with the recipient being mostly passive.

In contrast, Traditional Thai Massage places greater emphasis on acupressure massage, with some yoga-like poses but to a lesser extent compared to Thai Yoga Massage. At Kiyora Spa, we offer both styles, allowing you to choose based on your preferences.

Basically, Traditional Thai Massage leans toward acupressure, while Thai Yoga Massage emphasizes stretching for relaxation and healing.

Why Should I Choose Kiyora Spa Over Other Spas in Chiang Mai?

guest being stretched by therapistWe take pride in offering an authentic and personalized Thai Yoga Massage experience that sets us apart from other spas in Chiang Mai. Our team of skilled therapists has undergone extensive training and has a deep understanding of the therapeutic benefits of Thai Yoga Massage.

We believe that true relaxation goes beyond physical touch; it’s about creating a serene and welcoming environment that allows you to unwind fully. Our spa’s ambiance is designed to transport you to a place of tranquility from the moment you step through our doors.

Furthermore, we understand that relaxation is a deeply personal journey, and we respect your individual preferences.

Whether you lean towards a massage with medium to strong pressure, specific body areas to avoid, or a focus on relieving sore spots, we customize your experience to ensure the utmost comfort and satisfaction.

Kiyora Spa is not just a place to receive a massage; it’s a sanctuary for relaxation, healing, and rejuvenation. We invite you to experience the authentic and transformative power of Thai Yoga Massage at Kiyora Spa.

How Do I Book a Session at Kiyora Spa?

spa therapist in chiang mai, thailand.Ready to experience a Kiyora Spa Thai Yoga Massage? It’s more than just a regular Thai Massage at a street massage shop; it’s a holistic journey that harmonizes mind, body, and spirit.

Treat yourself to the best in Chiang Mai and book your Thai Yoga Massage session today. Discover why our guests call it the #1 authentic retreat in the city. We also offer a Free Roundtrip Shuttle Service which will give you that VIP feeling. Secure your unforgettable experience now!


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