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Fundraiser In Chiang Mai.

Big Day Out with Bandekdee

Kiyora Spa with Bandekdee Orphanage Saturday, 20 August 2016 This year, we organized an event called “Paying it Forward to Children in Need”.  Besides having a fun day with the kids from Bandekdee, the event also aimed to raise funds…

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Mosquitoes While On Vacation In Chiang Mai

How to Deal with Mosquitoes while on Vacation

Apart from being a nuisance while traveling, mosquitoes pose two real health threats: Disease and Infection. The World Health Organization estimates that approximately 20,000 people die per year due to snakebites, but mosquito-borne malaria kills more than fifty times that.…

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Kiyora Spa Visits Bandekdee Orphanage

Bandekdee Orphanage

Kiyora Spa @ Bandekdee Orphanage Saturday, 28 June 2014 Bandekdee Orphanage was established in June, 2012 by Mr Manop Jaocharoen. Manop was a simple Hmong boy that lived in the mountains of Northern Thailand. He knows very well what it’s…

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