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Ban Dek Dee Orphanage Chiang Mai

Kiyora Spa treated the children from BanDekDee Orphanage to Chiang Mai Zoo.
Saturday, 04 July 2015

Such an amazing feeling to see how much the children have grown from last year. We had such a great time on our last visit that they recalled the activities we did together and the loads of fun we had!

 “Bandekdee Orphanage” is a project for ethnic minority orphans and poor children from provinces throughout Northern Thailand. These children are normally victims of drug issues, human trafficking and forced labor.
Bandekdee Orphanage was chosen due to the diligence and whole-heartedness of Mr. and Mrs. Jaocharoen’s approach in parenting, disciplining and the overall organization of over 20 children under their roof. It is truly remarkable how much love and attention they are able to provide each child, who are aged between 4 to 14 years.

Ban Dek Dee Go to Chiang Mai Zoo


Purchased and collected donations such as fresh meals, used and unused clothing, student uniforms, pens, study guides and equipment, snacks and money donations from staff, friends and hotel affiliates were donated to BanDekDee.

Donations to Ban Dek Dee
Big Breakfast.


Before leaving for the Zoo, we enjoyed an early breakfast with the children. One of the children led us in prayer before partaking our delicious meals. The children ate with glee leaving no leftovers!


Kids enjoy Chiang Mai Zoo

The children were extremely excited on our way to the zoo!

After breakfast we separated into 7 groups. Each group consisted of 2 Kiyora Spa staff members who were in charge of 4 children. It was a good opportunity to bond closely within the smaller groups during the tour of the zoo.

The zoo’s Department of Education provided 2 lecturers who took us around by tram to visit the Panda sanctuary, aquarium, bird show and feeding of the animals.

Before saying goodbye, we served ice cream and played some games. Whoever could not remember the names from an opposing group had to dance in front of everyone. Most remembered the names, but of course, someone had to dance in front of the whole group. Although a little embarrassing, the consequence was playful and fun.

Check out Bandekdee’s Facebook page and  for more photos.

Our affiliates who helped with donations and/or their time to make the day a success:

  1. Chiang Mai Zoo (
  2. Pak Chiang Mai (
  3. Aruntara Riverside Boutique Hotel (
  4. Villa Thapae (
  5. Rimping Village Chiang Mai (
  6. Baan Klang Wiang (
  7. Nai Boutique House (
  8. Van Driver and Service – Khun Fluk – Contact number 095-447-1602
  9. Van Driver and Service – Khun Kae – Contact number 086-196-4009

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