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Bottles Of Essential Oil Blends Used For Aromatherapy Massage

Last updated: 2 November 2023

In this article, we’ll explore the contrasts between the aromatic world of aromatherapy massage and the various other massage styles available at Kiyora Spa.  Let’s delve into these differences and find the perfect spa and massage experience for you.

Aromatherapy Massage stands out because it uses essential oils for added relaxation and well-being. In contrast, other massages like traditional Thai, Swedish, deep tissue, or hot stone massage mainly rely on techniques for therapeutic benefits through physical manipulation.

As you dive into the world of massages in Chiang Mai, you’ll discover various styles, each with its own unique touch. Aromatherapy Massage is like a fragrant journey, using oil blends for relaxation and overall wellbeing. So, let’s explore what makes aromatherapy massage different from the rest, so you will be well-informed before choosing your ideal massage treatment.

Aromatherapy Massage vs the Rest

Let’s explore the key differences between Aromatherapy Massage and other popular massage modalities.

aromatherapy massage using customised oil blend.
The Massage Therapist is Slowly Pouring the Oil Blend onto their Hand.

Traditional Thai Massage vs Aromatherapy Massage

Thai-Yoga Massage vs Aromatherapy Massage

  • Positioning: Aromatherapy massage is often performed with the recipient lying on a massage table, whereas Thai-Yoga Massage involves a sequence of assisted stretches and yoga-like poses performed traditionally on a floor mat.  Thai-Yoga Massage at Kiyora Spa is performed on a regular massage table.
  • Oils: Essential oils are central to aromatherapy massage, while Thai-Yoga Massage generally does not use oils.

Deep Tissue Massage vs Aromatherapy Massage

  • Pressure: Aromatherapy massage uses lighter to moderate pressure, focusing on relaxation and aromatherapy benefits. Deep Tissue Massage, on the other hand, involves firm, deep pressure to target specific muscle knots and tension.
  • Oils: Essential oils are a hallmark of aromatherapy massage, while Deep Tissue Massage typically uses massage oils without aromatic properties.  However, at Kiyora Spa, we offer the same oil blends used for Aromatherapy Massage for added benefits.

Herbal Compress Massage vs Aromatherapy Massage

  • Aromas: Aromatherapy massage relies on the aromatic scents of essential oils. In contrast, Herbal Compress Massage incorporates the soothing scents of herbal compresses along with direct heat and herbal infusion.
  • Therapeutic Focus: Aromatherapy massage primarily aims at relaxation and stress relief, whereas Herbal Compress Massage combines heat, herbs, and massage techniques for both relaxation and localized relief of muscle tension.

Swedish Massage vs Aromatherapy Massage

  • Strokes: Both styles include gentle strokes and effleurage, but Swedish Massage is more comprehensive, encompassing various strokes like kneading and tapping.
  • Pressure: Aromatherapy massage typically uses lighter pressure, while Swedish Massage can be adjusted from light to firm, making it versatile for different preferences.

Hot Aromatherapy Oil Massage vs Aromatherapy Massage

  • Oils: Both involve the use of massage oils, but Aromatherapy Massage focuses on scented essential oils for their therapeutic properties, whereas Hot Aromatherapy Oil Massage primarily uses heated oils.
  • Temperature: Hot Aromatherapy Oil Massage incorporates warm oil to relax muscles, while Aromatherapy Massage relies on the aromatic properties of essential oils for relaxation.

Are Any of These Massage Types Available at Kiyora Spa

Yes, all of these massage types are available at Kiyora Spa.  Below is a complete list:

Thai Massage:

Holistic Body Massage:

Why Choose Kiyora Spa Over Other Spas?

spa chiang mai experienced therapists
Kiyora Spa’s Highly-Skilled Therapists

At Kiyora Spa, each of these massages offers a unique experience, catering to various needs and preferences. Aromatherapy Massage, with its focus on the power of scent, provides a fragrant and soothing journey into relaxation and rejuvenation.

We not only offer a range of massages, including aromatherapy, but we also blend them seamlessly with the cultural richness of Thailand.

Kiyora Spa boasts a team of therapists who are highly skilled in various massage modalities commonly found in Thailand’s top-notch spas.  In conjunction with our serene ambiance, it makes your experience truly unique. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, rejuvenation, or relief from tension, Kiyora Spa is your oasis.

How Do I Book a Session at Kiyora Spa?

spa therapist in chiang mai, thailand.

Ready to experience an Aromatherapy Massage, or any other massage mentioned above? It’s more than just a regular massage session; Experience a pampering session that you will never forget

Treat yourself to the best in Chiang Mai and book your spa and massage session today. Discover why our guests call it the #1 authentic retreat in the city. We also offer a Free Roundtrip Shuttle Service which will give you that VIP feeling. Secure your unforgettable experience now!

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