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Exercises For Those Who Spend Too Much Time Sitting In Chiang Mai.

Last updated: 7 July 2018

Working is great, and the regular paycheck is even greater, but being on your buttocks all day does take a toll on your health. Working professionals often don’t realize the magnitude of damage that they incur to their health every day just by spending eight hours in a chair. Desk jobs have never really enjoyed a healthy reputation, but with the real health disadvantages that sitting causes, it’s up to working professionals to make it better. Here are some tips to keep the damage at bay and your health at its best:

1. Begin with the basics

Before you go to the office and sit down in your little chair, enclosing yourself in your cubicle fort, how about a 15-minute workout? Replace the escalator with the stairs for an aerobic workout and get mood, blood pressure, heart health, etc. enhancing benefits. Make a regular routine of practicing rope jumping or jumping jacks for at least 10 minutes every day.

Instead of taking the bus to work, walk to your office if it is located close. Or, you could just walk to the cab/bus stop or park your car a little farther than usual so you can walk 10 minutes every day. If you use cabs, then you can get off a few meters from your home and cover the distance through an evening walk while also making a habit out of walking frequently. If it’s not too much, you can even travel to your office on a bicycle and keep your body in splendid shape.

2. Make use of small intervals

If your office maintains a gym, then you can visit for five to ten minutes, giving three minutes to stretches (which will do wonders for you arms and back) and three to four minutes to rope jumping. If your office doesn’t maintain any gym and you can’t jump either, then go for some plain stretching and take frequent but small breaks to get your feet in action. Sitting for longer intervals hurts not just the back but also the knees and feet, so make sure that you give them a break every now and then.

3. The lunch walk

Take your running or walking shoes with you to the office and change into the comfy pair every noon for a nice, brisk lunch walk. Walking after lunch will help you digest better, and walking before lunch will trigger a better appetite, so take your pick.

4. Posture

Everybody knows the value of correct posture but few practice it. Unless you want to develop an immense backache and numerous other muscular and joint issues, maintain a healthy posture. The problem of a crouched back and inaccurate body posture rises high among working professionals and is among the leading causes of backache and joint deterioration. So, make some effort and get your posture right.

5. Do what you can manage

Stockbrokers get on the job as early as 5:30 AM while many work late at night. So, don’t pressure yourself and exercise for peace of mind and a healthy body, and start slowly adapting to a physically active lifestyle.

Most of all, ensure that you eat right, at appropriate intervals, and find ways to stay active to keep in good health.

Ivan C.

Company Co-Founder and CEO, entrepreneur, athlete and coffee geek. I am committed to providing an unforgetable customer experience by delivering cutting edge services and products. Would be willing to swap business tips and advice for a good, smooth espresso.

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