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In the heart of Chiang Mai, Emmy found her true calling while running her cozy spot, Kiyora Spa. Her original focus was all about skincare and beauty, but she soon felt a pull towards something more meaningful.

This change started when Krue Dah, a respected healer, showed her the world of crystal healing. Krue Dah saw something special in Emmy and taught her all about how crystals can be used for healing. Emmy learned not just from books, but from Krue Dah, who became her wellness mentor.

But bringing this ancient healing into a modern spa wasn’t easy. Emmy faced self-doubt but didn’t back down; instead, she used her skills to prove how effective her treatments could be by providing treatments, free of charge, for those close to her.

One big hurdle for Emmy was figuring out how to keep herself from absorbing the negative vibes she got from some of her early clients. At first, this was really tough for her.

Through all this, Emmy transformed. She didn’t just run her spa; she became a source of holistic healing. She developed a special crystal healing facial treatment that became super popular because she was the only one who could do it right. She blended old healing practices with modern beauty treatments, turning her spa into a unique place where clients could get both physical and spiritual care.

Kiyora Spa became known as a place where beauty treatments and energy work come together, all thanks to Emmy’s expertise and passion.

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