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Embarking on Kiyora Spa’s 1.5-hour Crystal Healing Facial is not just a treatment; it’s a journey of energetic rejuvenation.

The journey at Kiyora Spa begins with a 1.5-hour session, starting with a detailed discussion about your lifestyle, health, and the state of your energy flow to personalize your crystal healing facial.

Initial Consultation and Energy Assessment

Starting with a tailored consultation, Emmy, a crystal healing facial specialist at Kiyora Spa, maps out your unique chakra energies to personalize your facial. This initial step is key to customizing the treatment to match both your energy and skin requirements, ensuring a one-of-a-kind facial experience.

Emmy is uniquely qualified at Kiyora Spa to offer this specialized treatment, highlighting its exclusivity.

Chakra Balancing

Chakra balancing is crucial for maintaining both physical and emotional well-being, as it ensures the smooth flow of energy throughout the body.

Pendulum Diagnostics

Emmy utilizes a pendulum, uniquely connected to her own energy, identified and gifted by an experienced healer. This connection enhances its ability to accurately assess and balance your chakras. This method ensures the facial rejuvenates your skin and aligns your energy, blending ancient techniques with personal care.

Energy Medicine: Ensuring Optimal Flow

Evaluating your current energy state is essential to spot any blockages or imbalances, a step that’s vital for choosing the right crystals to harmonize your energy during the treatment. This process ensures the selected crystals align perfectly with both your physical condition and emotional state, enhancing the facial’s effectiveness and your overall sense of well-being.

Colour Healing: Customizing to Your Emotional and Physical Needs

In the color healing aspect of a crystal healing facial, considering both your skin type and emotional needs is key. Crystals are selected for their color and properties, aiming to meet specific physical and emotional goals—like boosting energy or easing stress—while also catering to your skin’s unique needs, ensuring a personalized and effective healing journey.

A Spectrum of Crystal Facials to Suit Every Need

Kiyora Spa offers a selection of crystal suitable for facials, each with its unique benefits, allowing clients to choose according to their skin’s requirements.

Shungite Black Rock - Purifying

Included in all crystal healing facials
The journey into skin revitalization starts with a deep cleanse using the shungai black rock. Known for its purifying attributes, this rock sets the stage for a facial that cleanses not just the skin but also the aura, prepping the canvas for further treatment.
White Quartz - Brightening

Option 1
Guests looking to illuminate their complexion may opt for the White Quartz facial. Famed for its brightening properties, white quartz is the go-to for reducing blemishes and enlivening dull skin, leaving it radiant and clear.
Rose Quartz - Rejuvenating

Option 2
For those seeking an anti-aging effect, the Rose Quartz facial is the choice. This pink stone is synonymous with love and healing, aiming to rejuvenate mature skin and impart a youthful, loving glow.
Green Rocks - Calming

Option 3
Two types of green rocks offer solutions for skin prone to redness or acne. These crystals work to soothe inflammation, calm infections, and fade red blemishes, promoting a balanced and even skin tone.
Red Stone - Vitalizing

Option 4
Finally, the Red Stone facial focuses on energizing the skin. It’s all about boosting blood circulation, which is essential for a healthy, vibrant complexion that exudes vitality and energy.

Holistic Skincare Steps Enhanced by Crystal Energies

Grounding techniques prepare you for the treatment, followed by selecting the perfect crystal to meet your energy needs.

Each step, from toning with quartz-infused products to exfoliation and facial massage, is amplified by the inherent qualities of the crystals. A mask, accompanied by a tapping technique, deeply instills the benefits of the crystals, while a serum locks in the treatment’s effects.

Final Energy and Chakra Reassessment

As the session concludes, the pendulum is once again employed, this time to measure the shifts in energy flow resulting from the facial. This closing ritual not only ensures that the physical enhancements are noted but that the energy work has successfully harmonized the chakras, leaving you not only with a refreshed complexion but also a balanced spirit.

Finishing Touches and Post-Treatment Energy Check

The session’s culmination is a series of toners, scrubs, and serums, each infused with the essence of these potent crystals. A mask tailored to your skin type locks in the benefits, with gentle tapping to maximize absorption. Finally, Emmy rechecks your energy flow, ensuring that the healing journey is complete, leaving you not only with radiant skin but with balanced chakras.

This ritualistic facial not only promises a luminous complexion but also a harmonious inner balance that resonates long after you leave the spa.

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